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OT-2 Liquid Handling Robot

OT-2 Liquid Handling Robot

With an available 8 channel p300 and a single channel p20, this robot is capable of automating a variety of liquid handling processes.  We routinely use it to automate NGS library clean up.  The robot has an available on-board thermocycler, magnet an heating/cooling blocks that hold a variety of tube sizes. 


Innovaprep CP Select Concentrating Pipette

Innovaprep CP Select Concentrating Pipette

The Innovaprep concentrating pipette concentrates bacteria, fungi, parasites, cells and viruses from large volume cultures or samples down to a few hundred microliters.  The sample is drawn up through a hollow fiber filter in a pipette and then eluted using a foam solution.  The entire process takes 8-15 minutes/sample depending on volume filtered.


Digital PCR

QIACuity Four digital pcr system

The QIACuity Four digital pcr system allows for absolute quantitation of genetic material without the need for standard curves.  This machine is well suited for gene expression, microbial enumeration, detection and multiplexed analysis.  You can multiplex up to 5 targets/fluorophores with little to no optimization required.  Users who have tried multiplexing with real-time pcr will appreciate the ease at which you can readily set up and run 5 color experiments.  Changes to your current pcr reaction are minimal.  All that is required are special pcr plates and master mix.  Price per reaction is very competitive with real time pcr.   

Pipette Calibration

Mettler Toledo SmartCheck

In one minute, check the calibration of any brand pipette using the Mettler Toledo SmartCheck. Save time and money with a quick check in between pipette calibrations.  Perfect for checks prior to starting sensitive experiments and helps identify pipettes that need calibration work performed.  Also perfect for training new students and lab personnel on proper pipetting technique.     

Azure Gel and Blot Imager

Azure Gel and Blot Imager

For documenting agarose gels, acrylamide PAGE gels, western blots, agar plates etc.  Automated exposure and focus with post acquisition analysis capabilities.  UV transilluminator, white light and chemiluminescence based imaging options. 

Nanodrop One

Nanodrop One
  • Wide spectral range (190-850 nm) for measuring:
    • Peptides (205 nm)
    • DNA/RNA (260 nm)
    • Protein (280 nm)
    • Gold nanoparticles (520 nm)
    • Colorimetric protein assays 
    • Optical Density measurements (600 nm)