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Next Generation Sequencing

Image of sequencers

The Illumina MiSeq and MiniSeq enable flexible choices to handle many of your Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) needs.  We have used these machines to sequence microbial metagenomes, transcriptomes, and 16S taxonomic profiles.  We have done this from pure cultures and various plant, animal, and environmental samples.  The µCore is equipped with all the ancillary equipment required to create, quantify and perform QA/QC on NGS libraries.      

Due to the vast array of library preparation options, we do not offer a library preparation service.  We focus on training and assisting personnel in making their sequencing libraries and offering consultation/guidance on your projects.   




The TapeStation Bioanalyzer allows for precisely sizing and quantifying DNA and RNA samples.  DNA tapes for sizes under 1000 bp are available for purchase from the µCore.  Users are welcome to bring their own reagents if they choose to use other available tape options (RNA, Larger DNA, etc.).