Community Services and Resources:

Anne Carlsen Early Intervention 

Beyond Boundaries Therapy Services 

Car Seats

If you are looking for information about car seats and other child passenger safety issues, contact the ND Child Passenger Safety Program at 800.472.2286 or go to

Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

Child Care Assistance

The Child Care Assistance Program helps eligible low-income families pay for child care expenses. For more information call 800.755.2716 or go to 

Child Support Division

The Child Support Division helps obtain payments from an absent parent who is not paying for the support of a child. Services include establishing legal parenthood, locating absent parents, getting support orders from the court and collecting child support payments. For more information call 800.231.4255 or go to 

Children's Special Health Services

Children's Special Health Services provides assistance to children with certain special health care needs and promotes family-centered, community-based, coordinated services and systems of health care. For more information call 800.755.2714 or go to

Community Action

Seven community action agencies in North Dakota provide programs and services that empower low-income individuals and families to become self sufficient. Programs and services include child care, Head Start*, food pantries, financial and legal services, etc. For more information ask your WIC staff about your local Community Action agency or go to*For more information on Head Start go to

Domestic Abuse/Violence

Domestic abuse/violence is a major problem throughout the United States. It most often refers to intimate partner violence. It includes abuse/violence between spouses, individuals in dating relationships and former partners or spouses, and can occur inside or outside the home. For more information: call 800.799.7233 (national hotline) or go to

Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides home energy assistance to eligible low-income households. For more information call 800.755.2716 or go to .

Family Planning

The Family Planning Program provides services such as breast and cervical cancer screening, sexually transmitted disease screening, pregnancy testing, preconception counseling and contraceptive services. Clients are charged for services according to their household income and family size. For more information call 800.472.2286 or go to .

Great Plains Food Bank 

Healthy Children: American Academy of Pediatrics 

Healthy Steps

Healthy Steps (Childrens Health Insurance Program) is an insurance program for uninsured children who live in families with low incomes but who are not eligible for Medical Assistance. For more information call 877.543.7669 or go .

Housing Assistance

The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency administers three rental assistance programs. Each program helps to provide affordable housing for low-income or disabled families. For more information call 800.292.8621 or go to

Human Service Centers

The North Dakota Department of Human Services operates eight regional human service centers. Each serves a designated multi-county area, providing counseling and mental health services, substance abuse treatment, disability services and other human services. For more information call 800.472.2622 or go to .


Immunizations help protect your child from serious and sometimes deadly diseases. Make sure your child gets the right immunizations when he or she needs them. Immunizations are available through your health-care provider or your local public health department. For more information call 800.472.2180 or go to .

Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

Medical Assistance helps pay for some medical services, depending on the family's income and resources. You must use a doctor, clinic, hospital, public health unit or pharmacy that accepts Medical Assistance payments. Just like insurance, Medical Assistance pays the clinic or hospital directly. Medical Assistance can be used to supplement current insurance. People younger than 21 who qualify for Medical Assistance may be eligible to get a free health and developmental check-up from Health Tracks. For more information call 800.755.2604 or go to .

ND Bridge to Benefits 

ND Department of Human Services 


There is more than one way to quit tobacco. No single method of quitting works for everyone. NDQuits offers several free options so you can find the way that works best for you. All NDQuits services include free counseling, advice and support and free nicotine replacement products for those who qualify. For more information call 800.QUIT.NOW (800.784.8669) or go to

Other Health Care Options

Affordable healthcare is important for you and your family. Go to to apply for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace or call 800.318.2596. You may quality for coverage through a health plan, Medicaid, or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Parenting Resource Center NDSU Extension Service - Cass County 

Right Track Program

The Right Track Program is a free program for all North Dakota children birth to three years of age. Right Track consultants provide developmental screenings, ideas on stimulating your child's development and referrals to other programs. For more information call 800.755.8529 or go to .

SNAP (Food Stamps)

SNAP provides food assistance to families within certain income limits. The program helps you stretch your family's food dollars. You use a ND EBT card to buy food in your local grocery store. For more information call 800.755.2176 or go to .


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is a monthly cash assistance program for families with low incomes and children younger than 18 or pregnant women with low incomes. This program provides temporary cash assistance and has work requirements. For more information call 800.755.2716 or go to .


Zero to Three 

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