Sanford Health Plan Fitness Center Reimbursement

All NDPERS members (NDSU staff and faculty) that wish to participate in the reimbursement program must either print a reimbursement form or retrieve one from the NDSU Wellness Center Customer Service Desk. The reimbursement program grants a $20 reimbursement for members that use the facility at least 12 times/month (reimbursements are taxable at 35%). All steps on the form must be completed by the last day of the respective month to be eligible for reimbursement that month. Members will not begin receiving credit until the form is submitted and all steps are properly completed.

Sanford Health Fitness Center Reimbursement Enrollment

All participating and prospective NDPERS members that wish to receive fitness center reimbursements will need to register their information on the Sanford Health Plan site.

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
    1. Forgot your login information? Utilize the “Forgot your username or password?” link for assistance.
  2. Hover over ‘Insurance’ at the top of the page.
  3. Click ‘Insurance Links’ and then click ‘Wellness Portal’ on the next page.
  4. You will now be logged in to the Dakota Wellness Program Dashboard.
  5. Select ‘Health Risk Assessment’ on the left hand side, under your name and level, to complete the health assessment.
  6. Once you take the assessment you will be able to view your results and risk areas.

The LifeScore Assessment must be completed annually after January 1st, following your initial signup.

If you would like assistance setting up your mySanfordHealthPlan online member account or taking the health assessment, call the Sanford Health Plan Member Services Team at (800) 499-3416.

  • Please note that after January 1st annually, NDPERS members will need to complete the LifeScore Assessment with Sanford Health Plan to continue receiving their monthly gym credit. Members will not receive credits if this assessment is not completed. We will not back-enter visits if the assessment has not been completed.  

BCBS ND Health Club Credit Program

The NDSU Wellness Center is a participating member in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Dakota Health Club Credit Program for affiliate and sponsored members. Effective 1/01/19, BCBS ND implemented a program change for all users. Please see for information.

Wellness Center members who enroll in the BCBSND Health Club Credit program are eligible to receive 2,700 points per month ($27 value).  Individuals must work out at least 12 days per month to receive their credit. (Only one visit per day will be counted.) A maximum of two (2) people - subscriber and spouse age 18 and older - can participate.

You MUST complete 3 steps in order to enroll in the BCBSND Health Club Credit program and to receive any BCBSND Wellness incentives. Upon enrolling, be prepared to provide the following:

NIHCA Rewards Reimbursement Enrollment  All members (Sanford and BCBS) must enroll on the NIHCA Rewards site to receive payment for their reimbursement. Failure to register will result in a reimbursement delay. You will need your health insurance card information, and banking information.

  • Go to  and click “First Time Enrollment” under MEMBERS.
  • Select your insurance provider (Sanford Health Plan)
  • Search for your fitness center location by zip code (58102)
  • Select the NDSU Wellness Center and click “Enroll Online”
  • Follow all the custom prompts and instructions provided by the website to complete the enrolling process. 

*Reimbursement application steps must all be completed before visit accrual can begin.

    *We will not accept any photocopies of insurance cards or bank account information. All information must be submitted using the online portals for each respective registration.



    Merideth Sherlin
    Assistant Director of Membership & Marketing 


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