Membership Rates


All current NDSU students, staff, faculty and approved affiliated businesses including recent alumni are eligible to join the NDSU Wellness Center.  Members may also sponsor others as part of the membership benefits.

Staff/faculty may sign up for a membership online on the Wellness Center Web Portal or at the Customer Service Desk.


Currently enrolled NDSU students have their membership included with a wellness fee paid with tuition each semester. Students need to be enrolled for at least one credit.  Enrolled students can access their membership by signing the waiver of liability each school year and maintaining a course load. Students must bring their NDSU ID for each visit to the facility.

  • New students do not have access to the Wellness Center until the first day of the semester they are enrolled in.
  • Tri-College students and employees on tuition waiver do not qualify for this membership.
  • Disregarding the length of the class/classes being taken (four, eight or twelve-week session), students paying for summer semester student fees have membership access for the entire summer.

Summer Semester Non-enrolled Students

Students not enrolled for the summer semester, but enrolled for the fall semester may purchase a summer membership for $125 at the Customer Service Desk. Students wanting to purchase a summer membership must verify their fall enrollment by providing a printed fall schedule under the course enrollment page.

  • These students must verify enrollment for the fall semester before they will be allowed to purchase the summer membership and must sign a waiver for the summer semester.
  • Incoming students are eligible for this membership. Class registration or an NDSU acceptance letter is acceptable for verification.


Currently employed NDSU staff/faculty or retired employees with an appropriate retired NDSU ID are eligible to purchase a membership at the Wellness Center. Prospective members must purchase a membership at the Customer Service Desk or through the Wellness Portal, fill out necessary paperwork including the standard waiver of liability and bring their NDSU ID to the facility for each visit.

Staff/Faculty Membership Rates

1 Month$45
3 Month$120 ($40/month)
6 Month$240 ($40/month)
9 Month$315 ($35/month)
12 Month (Annual)$420 ($35/month)
1 Visit Pass$6.00
5 Visit Pass$25.00
10 Visit Pass$45.00
Payroll Deduction$40/month

The NDSU Wellness Center currently partners with Sanford Health Plan for reimbursement programs in NDPERS. For more information, refer to our Reimbursement Program page.

Faculty and staff may be eligible for payroll deduction. To find more information, please visit the membership policies page and find the payment section.

NDSU Affiliated & Alumni

NDSU Alumni along with the following NDSU affiliated businesses and organizations are eligible for affiliated membership:

Current Affiliate Organizations

Eligible affiliates/alumni may register for membership by visiting the Customer Service Desk with verification of employment (Badge ID, business card, copy of online staff directory). Requests to be added to the affiliate list may be sent to Merideth Sherlin, Assistant Director

Affiliate/Alumni Membership Rates

1 Month$50
3 Month$135 ($45/month)
6 Month$270 ($45/month)
9 Month$360 ($40/month)
12 Month (Annual)$480 ($40/month)
Guest Pass$6.00

NDSU Wellness Center Reimbursement Participation.



Not affiliated with NDSU, but know someone who is a member of the Wellness Center? You can benefit from everything the facility has to offer as well. All current members of the NDSU Wellness Center are eligible to sponsor additional individuals with the sponsored membership program. The sponsoring member must be present during registration.

Sponsored Membership Rates

1 Month$50
3 Month$135 ($45/month)
6 Month$270 ($45/month)
9 Month$360 ($40/month)
12 Month (Annual)$480 ($40/month)
Guest Pass$6.00

**As of 1/01/19, BCBS ND moved to a points system, no longer offering reimbursement. Please refer to the BCBS ND web portal - - for more information related to your insurance benefits.

NDSU Wellness Center Reimbursement Participation

Guest Passes

The primary purpose for guest passes is to accommodate friends and family of NDSU students and Wellness Center members. Guidelines for guests are as follows:

  • Guests must be at least 16 years of age and older. Individuals 15 and younger are only allowed as spectators for special events or observing intramural sports and must remain with parent/legal guardian at all times.
  • Guest passes may be purchased at the Customer Service Desk.
  • All guests must sign the liability waiver for each visit. Minors require a parent/legal guardian to sign.
  • All guests must have a valid driver’s license or valid federal issued ID with photo and date of birth. Minors may present a valid birth certificate or photo ID with their birth date. 
  • Sponsoring member must be present at the time of guest check-in.
  • Members can sponsor one guest per day on weekdays and three guests on weekends.
  • The Wellness Center reserves the right to approve or deny any guest pass request.
  • Guest passes are for facility access and any regularly scheduled, no-cost programming taking place in the Wellness Center.
  • Guests are not eligible to participate in intramural sport activities or personal training. Guests are allowed to purchase BodPod appointments.
  • Guests are not eligible to sponsor other guests.
  • Guests may check out equipment and towels from the Recreation Desk.
Guest Pass Rates
Guest Pass 18+$6 per visitSponsoring member must be present.
Guest Pass 16-17$6 per visitParent or legal guardian must be present at check-in for minors to purchase a guest pass. Sponsoring member must be on site at all times for a minor guest.


Merideth Sherlin
Assistant Director of Membership & Marketing  

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