Wellness Center Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I enter the Wellness Center without my ID?

Your NDSU ID is required for access to all facilities on campus, per NDSU regulation 703. A current, valid NDSU ID or the Wellness Center App must be presented in physical form to gain entry into the facility. Photocopies of NDSU or federal ID's are not valid for entry. Affiliate and sponsored members must show their Wellness Center ID for entry. All students and members are eligible to use our Friendly Reminder Program three times each semester in the case of a forgotten ID card.

How do I get my NDSU ID if I lost it at the Wellness Center?

All NDSU ID's that are found within the Wellness Center are documented and sent to the NDSU Card Center located in the Memorial Union. When ID's are found, an e-mail is sent to the owner to let them know when they can expect it to arrive at the NDSU Card's office. Affiliate and sponsored cards are held at the Customer Service Desk.

What is the liability waiver and how do I sign it?

A waiver is required for each student member to access the facility. The waiver is good for the full duration of the membership.

Students: go to https://wellnessportal.ndsu.edu    

  • Select ‘Log In’ in the upper right hand corner
  • Select ‘NDSU ID’ to be transferred to the NDSU login page
  • Log in using your campus credentials (Blackboard)
  • Scroll through and agree to the waiver that appears

Members: Waivers will be signed during the membership registration process.

How do sponsored memberships work?

Every student, staff, faculty and affiliate member is allowed to sponsor additional individuals for membership. They do not have to be affiliated with NDSU (typically used for a spouse, friend, etc.)

Eligible sponsored members may sign up for a Wellness Center membership by visiting the Customer Service Desk at the Wellness Center to obtain the proper forms. The sponsoring member must be present during the initial sign-up process. All sponsored members must complete necessary paperwork.

How do I know if I'm eligible for a membership with the Wellness Center?

To be eligible for membership you must be:

  • A currently enrolled NDSU student registered for at least one credit, and paying the wellness fee. (Tri-College and employee tuition waiver students are not eligible.)
  • A currently employed or retired NDSU faculty/staff.
  • An employee working for a designated business on the NDSU campus (see affiliated membership)
  • An NDSU Alumni, verified through the Alumni Association
How do I know if I'm eligible for an affiliated membership?

You can find the current list of eligible companies on our Membership Rates  page. Eligible members must show proof of employment when signing up for a membership. Want to become an eligible group and are affiliated with NDSU? Contact Merideth.Sherlin@ndsu.edu for possibilities.

I'm a graduate student/international student/just signed up for classes. Why can't I sign the online waiver?

If you just enrolled, you may not be in the system yet. Information needs to be manually updated from the time tuition is able to post to a student's account, through Enrollment Management and then uploaded to our system via a daily import. This process may take up to four business days. We cannot complete your semester membership until you are verified in the system.

How many visits do I have for the current month?

Sign-in on the Wellness Portal, go to your profile, select facilities on the left-hand tab and then refer to your access history. You may also stop by the Customer Service Desk and they can look up your visit history for you.

Do you have a lost and found?

We have a lost and found located at the Customer Service Desk. All items will be held for two weeks, aside from water bottles, which are held for two days. Items not claimed during this time will be treated as abandoned and will be discarded. Items that we do not hold include undergarments, toiletries and socks.

How do I get approved to take video/photos inside the Wellness Center?

All requests to take photos and video within the Wellness Center must be emailed to the Wellness Center Student Employment and Marketing Coordinator, Amelia Landsverk, and must be received at least 24 hours prior to the time you are requesting to be in the facility. 

What does the tape and ratings mean at the climbing wall?

Different colored tape on the climbing wall indicates different routes. Colored tape is utilized in order to follow routes accurately, have multiple routes that may include similar holds and identify start/end points. The ratings system is portrayed as 'number.number' (5.10). The first number indicates the angle of the wall. At the Wellness Center all routes will begin with a 5, indicating vertical or near-vertical climbing. The second number indicates the difficulty based on the holds used, technicality, skill required, etc.

How often are holds changed at the climbing wall?

On average, routes are changed out every couple of weeks by current staff, using a rotation schedule. Some routes may stay up longer or shorter, depending on popularity.

Where and how do I register for GroupFIT classes?

Registration is not required for any group fitness class. All classes are drop-in style; members can attend any class on the GroupFIT schedule. Doors for classes typically open 10-15 minutes prior to the start time.

Do I get to choose when to schedule my PT sessions or are there set times trainers are available?

All personal training sessions are scheduled around the member!  Members are paired with trainers that have similar availability to make attending sessions more convenient. Fitness assessments and body composition tests are scheduled during specific times when trainers are available on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Contact the fitness desk - 701.231.5209 - for up to date information.

How long is the lap pool?

The lap pool at the Wellness Center is 25 yards, or 75 feet. The lap pool has six lanes available for lap swimming.

When is the pool open?

Please go to the Wellness Center's hours of operation page to view current facility and aquatic hours.

Contact Us

Phone:(701) 231-5200
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Mailing address:
NDSU Wellness Center
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