Locker Rental & Towel Service

The NDSU Wellness Center offers a variety of different locker choices. Cubbies are located throughout the facility for day-use and a limited number of lockers are available in the Wellness Center and aquatics locker rooms for members to use their own locks on a daily basis. Aquatics offers a group of lockable day-use lockers in the aquatics hallway, as well as half size and full size lockers for rental.

Day-use Lockers

Day-use lockers are available in the men's and women's locker rooms in the main facility and aquatics, along with a group of lockers in the aquatics hallway. Day-use lockers are first-come, first-served and student/members are required to supply their own locks or purchase one at the Customer Service Desk. Locks must be removed by closing time each day; locks remaining will be cut and locker contents will be stored at the Customer Service Desk for up to 60 days.

Rental Options

Locker rentals are only available for current, active members. Locker rental durations must not exceed membership. To purchase a rental, visit the Customer Service Desk to see availability with the help of a staff member. Lockers must be cleaned out by closing on the final day of the locker rental period. Lockers may be renewed during the last two weeks of the rental. Failure to renew or clean out a locker will result in the lock being cut and any contents being removed. Contents are stored at the Customer Service Desk for up to 60 days.  Below is the current pricing for rentals:

Half Lockers

Half-size lockers are available in the main facility and in aquatics.

Rental TermFee
3 Month$20
6 Month$40
9 Month$55
12 Month$70
Semester$25 Fall or Spring
$15 Summer
Full Lockers

Full-size lockers are only available in the main facility.

Rental TermFee
3 Month$35
6 Month$70
9 Month$100
12 Month$125
Semester$45 Fall or Spring
$30 Summer

Towel Service

The Wellness Center utilizes a check-out towel service at the Recreation Desk. All students and members may check out up to two towels at the same time. Towels must be returned and checked back in at the desk with a staff member before the building closes that same day. Members with outstanding towels at the end of each day, have 72 hours to return their overdue towel(s). If all towels are not returned within the 72 hour period, members will be charged $5 for sweat towels and $10 for shower towels on their Campus Connection or Wellness Center membership account.



Merideth Sherlin
Assistant Director of Membership & Marketing 

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