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Parent Information

The Wellness Center Child Care is a licensed service provided to NDSU students on a first-come, first-served basis.  Parents must be participating in campus activities while their child is at the Child Care Service.  Trained staff and student workers are on hand to properly care for children on a reservation or drop-off basis.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child or the Child Care Service, please do not hesitate to contact the Assistant Director.  Our goal is to provide high quality child care that is affordable so students are able to complete their education at NDSU. 


Hours of Service

Academic Year Hours
(subject to change)

Monday - Friday           7:15 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m
Saturday & Sunday        Closed


The Child Care follows the Academic Dates & Deadlines calendar and is closed when there are no classes scheduled.


The Wellness Center Child Care Service accepts children between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 years of age whose parent(s) or guardian(s) are NDSU students. 


Immunization records appropriate for the child’s age, as prescribed by the State Department of Health, are required to be on file.  If you choose not to immunize your child, you are required to provide our program with a valid document of exemption.


Reservations are based on a sliding fee; $3.40 per hour per child for income eligible students, $4.40 per hour for all other students by short-term contracts according to parent's class schedule.  Payment obligation is based on the number of hours reserved, not on the actual hours of attendance.

Short-term contract care begins the first full day of the semester and ends the last day of the semester before finals week.  Finals week is drop-off only.  Contracts must be renewed each semester.  The child care will begin by renewing currently enrolled undergraduate students approximately 2 week after class registration has begun.  They will be given approximately 2 weeks to make their reservations before the child care will open reservation for currently enrolled graduate students and new undergraduate students.  New graduate students will be allowed to enroll approximately one month after initial reservations have begun.  Please contact the child care for exact dates you are eligible to register.  701-231-5203 / 701-231-5219

Drop off Care
Drop off care is available to students with a four-hour limit.  Fees are $5.40/hour for the first child; $4.40 per hour for additional children.  Fees are calculated in15 minute increments.  Fees will be collected when you pick up your child.

Activities Provided

Children have the opportunity to participate in activities planned by the staff each day.  This may include story time, art projects, movement and musical activities, games, gross and fine motor activities, dramatic play, baking, indoor and outdoor play.    

Outdoor Policy
The Child Care uses the Child Care Weather Watch to determine safe temperatures for outside play. It is extremely important for all children to play outside on a daily basis.  If you do not want your child to play outside, you will need to obtain a written letter from your child’s health care provider.  If you feel your child is too sick to go outside then they are probably too sick to be in child care.

First Visit/Enrollment

The first time your child comes to the Child Care Service, parents will be asked to complete a Child Information Form.  The form takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and will provide staff with necessary information to care for your child.  The more we know about your child and his/her needs the better care we can provide.  Immunization records appropriate for the child’s age, as prescribed by the State Department of Health, are required.  Cass County Social Services now requires us to verify custody of newly enrolled children.  You will need to bring in a certified birth certificate for the child or their passport for us to view prior to enrollment.

Check- In
Parents must check-in their child at the registration desk on each visit.  Parents must be participating in campus activities while their child is at the Child Care Service.  Children are allowed to remain at the Child Care Service for a maximum of four hours for drop-off care.

Check- Out
When picking up your child remember that your child will only be released to the person indicated on the check-in form.  The Child Care staff is required to ask the person picking up the child for a picture I.D. before releasing the child from the Child Care Service.


Drop-off care:
$5.40/hour for the first child; $4.40 per hour for additional children.  Fees are calculated to the next 15 minutes.  Fees will be collected when you pick up your child.

$3.40 per hour per child for income eligible students, $4.40 per hour per child for all others.


The Wellness Center Child Care participates in the North Dakota Food Program. We will provide all meals and formula at no cost if parents choose to enroll.  We currently use Parent’s Choice Infant formula.   If parents prefer to use a different brand, they are welcome to bring their own, or provide breast milk for their infants.  Parents of infants must bring bottles with covers. The bottles must be labeled with their child's name.

Diapers and Toilet Training

Parents are to supply enough disposable diapers and wipes for their child’s length of stay at the Child Care.  Parents who do not provide diapers will be charged $1.00 for each diaper used and $0.25 for wipes.  If your child requires use of a cream or powder, please bring that as well.  Children being toilet trained should have an extra change of clothes with them.  Should an accident occur the Child Care does not have extra clothes on hand for your child. 


If a child becomes sick during their stay, parents will be notified immediately by cell phone.  Parents must pick up their children within 30 minutes of our initial call regardless of whether the call is answered.  Children who are not picked up within the 30 minutes will be charged a fee of $20.00/hour.  Fees will be calculated by 15-minute intervals.   

No medications will be given by the Center.  Children with conditions that require
antibiotic will need to be on their medication 24 hours before returning to the center.   Children that leave sick need to remain home for 24 hours after symptoms have subsided without the use of medication including Tylenol / Motrin

Exclusionary Guidelines

Children with the following symptoms will be excluded from the Child Care Service:

  1. The illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in activities as determined by the child care provider.
  2. The illness demands greater need for care than the child care staff can provide, thereby compromising the health and safety of the other children as determined by the child care provider.
  3. The child has any of the following conditions:

            a. Fever with behavior changes or other symptoms (Temperature of 100o F or higher taken under the arm, or an
                oral temperature greater than 101o F.).
            b. Symptoms and signs of possible severe illness such as lethargy, uncontrolled coughing, inexplicable irritability
                or persistent crying, difficulty breathing, wheezing, or other unusual signs.
            c. Diarrhea: Children having semi-liquid or liquid stools will be considered as having diarrhea.
            d. Blood in stools
            e. Vomiting
            f. Persistent abdominal pain (more than 2 hours) or intermittent pain associated with fever, or other signs or
            g. Mouth sores with drooling, unless a doctor determines that the child is noninfectious.
            h. Rash with fever or behavior changes, until a doctor can determine that these symptoms do not indicate a                                 communicable disease
             i. Symptoms of communicable disease such as measles, chicken pox, mumps, severe cold, strep throat, pink
                eye, impetigo, head lice, tuberculosis, scabies, pertussis, hepatitis, rubella, herpes, and unspecified 
                 respiratory illness.
             j. Mattered eyes, if your child’s eyes have pus (yellow, thick) or a discharge, he or she should not return to the
                child care facility until after taking an antibiotic for 24 hours.

    To help reduce the spread of colds, all staff and children must wash their hands upon arrival at the Child Care.  We take every precaution to protect your child’s health.  In turn, we have a responsibility to protect the health of other children as well.

    Emergency Information

    Parents must fill out a form providing emergency information on their child.  This form will also provide signed permission to authorize emergency care for your child.  In the unlikely event of an accident, our staff is certified in CPR and First Aid.

    If these actions are not sufficient to care for your child, emergency care may be required.  In the case of an emergency, every attempt will be made to contact parents immediately.  Any accidents that occur at the Center will be documented on an Incident/Accident form that will be given to parents at the time of checkout.

    Severe Weather/ Fire & Tornado Drills
    The Wellness Center conducts severe weather, fire and tornado drills throughout the year so that staff and students are properly trained on procedures. 

    If NDSU cancels class for any reason, the child care will close 30 minutes after the closing of campus.  If NDSU cancels morning classes, the child care will open 30 minutes prior to classes starting. 

    Child Care evacuation procedure for all campus evacuation

    Upon receiving the notice to evacuate the NDSU Campus the Wellness Center Child Care will:

    1)      Child Care staff will notify parents that they need to pick up their child by a designated time (approximately 10 minutes prior to the evacuation deadline) and that if they cannot make it to the Wellness Center by that time they can pick up their child at the off campus pick location.

    a.       Off Campus pick up location

                                         i.      Homewood Suites – 2021 16th Street North, Fargo - 701-235-3150

                                         ii.      Parents will be otherwise notified if an alternate site is needed

    2)      Child Care staff will prepare the children in the Child Care center to be picked up or to be transported to the off campus pick up location.

    3)      After clearing all of the activity areas, the Wellness Center staff will meet at the Child Care Center to assist with transporting any children to the off campus pick up location.

    4)      Children will be transported in the personal vehicles of the Wellness Center employees to the off campus pick up location under the following guidelines:

    a.       Normal safety rules will be followed, as much as possible, but that the highest priority is to relocate to a safe location.

    b.      The Child Care Assistant Director or designee will record the names of each child, which vehicle they are traveling in and time of departure.

    c.       There will be a minimum of two adults per vehicle.

    d.      Upon arrival at the off campus pick up location:

                                           i.      Parents will be notified that their child has arrived at the off campus location,
                                                   including confirmation of off -site location.

    Children will stay with the Wellness Center employees they have been assigned to until cleared to leave and properly checked out by the Child Care Assistant  Director or designee.


    Biting other children is a common occurrence with toddlers. The staff will do their best to ensure a safe environment for all children, but biting occurrences sometimes happen. Parents will be notified if their child is biting others or has been bit.


    All infants 0-12 months are placed in cribs on their backs for sleeping.  If your infant requires an alternate sleeping position, a note from a health care provider will be required.  Cribs and mats are disinfected and clean sheets applied after each use.  Nap schedules are personalized to meet the needs of each individual child. 

    The Wellness Center Child Care has a “Quiet Time” from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Children who are no longer napping will be required to engage in quiet activities such as preschool, reading and coloring during that time.


    The Wellness Center Child Care Service uses the Nurtured Heart Approach.  Parents using reservations will be provided a workbook about the Nurtured Heart Approach.  Your first $20.00 deposit will be used to purchase the workbook.  We encourage parents to read the book and become familiar with the approach.  

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