Climbing Qualifications & Training

Belay Qualification

Belaying is the technique that allows a climber to safely climb and be lowered from the wall while attached to a rope. A second person (the 'belayer') protects their climbing partner from falling by controlling the rope using anchors and braking devices. Belay qualification classes are available anytime the climbing wall is open. Please sign up at the Equipment and Towel Checkout Desk.

Qualification will cover the following topics:
  • Putting on a harness
  • How to tie-in to a harness with the figure-eight follow-through knot
  • Belay device set-up
  • How to belay
  • Safety checks
  • Safety commands with climber
  • Locking off a fall
  • Efficiently lowering a climber
  • Rules and regulations for the Climbing Wall


Lead Qualification

All climbers who want to lead on the wall must complete a safety check to demonstrate adequate skill and fitness. Please visit the climbing wall for times and more information.

Qualification will cover the following topics:
  • Climb a 5.10 route without falling and demonstrate good climbing technique/efficiency.
  • Lead up to the second bolt on one or two climbs (instructor's prerogative), demonstrating skill in clipping and rope management.
  • Show the ability to safely belay a lead climber, including:
    - how to properly attach to an anchor
    - how to correctly position oneself in relation to the anchor and lead climber
    - how to manage rope properly - feeding the lead rope, hand motions and braking action
    - using acceptable climbing commands
  • Demonstrate a safe lead fall.


Jordan Cox
Campus Recreation & Intramural
Sports Coordinator 

Marin Ehrmantraut
Graduate Assistant for Campus
Recreation & Intramural Sports 

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