Intramural Officials

If you like sports and are looking for a fun on-campus job, then working as an intramural official is the job for you. Officials are needed for nearly all intramural team sports: flag football, volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Schedules are very flexible. No previous officiating experience is necessary, though general rule knowledge/playing experience is helpful. All necessary training is provided.

To apply:
Complete application here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Can I play as well as officiate?
A:   Yes.  Officials are allowed to play on a team in the sport they are officiating. A maximum of two intramural staff members directly involved in a sport may play on the same team in that sport.  (i.e. only two indoor soccer officials may play on the same indoor soccer team.) We will schedule your officiating shifts around your game schedule.

Q:  Am I guaranteed a job as an Intramural Sports Official if I apply?
A:   You may contact the Student Employment and Marketing Coordinator at to inquire about your application status.

Q:  How are officials schedules made and how many hours can I expect to receive?
A:   Schedules are made for each session of intramural play and is based on the availability that you provide.  The number of hours any referee receives depends on a number of factors including availability, experience, number of overall officials, and number of different sports you officiate.


Jordan Cox
Campus Recreation & Intramural
Sports Coordinator 

Marin Ehrmantraut
Graduate Assistant for Campus
Recreation & Intramural Sports 

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