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Withdrawing From Classes

Campus Connection will not allow students to drop all of their classes.

Instead, students will need to submit a Cancellation of Registration/Withdrawing to Zero Credits form to One Stop.  Students are responsible for being aware of all deadlines in relation to dropping classes or withdrawing.

Please allow at least 10 business days for processing.  The form will be dated effective the date it was received.



Dropping individual course(s) - Students can drop individual classes in Campus Connection prior to the last day to drop.

Withdrawal - Removing enrollment in ALL classes.


  • Students are responsible for reviewing deadlines associated with withdrawing.
  • Withdrawals need to be submitted prior to the last day to drop.  Any withdrawals submitted after this deadline will require an appeal and supporting documentation of extenuating circumstances.  Appeals are not guaranteed to be approved.

Implications of Withdrawing

  • Courses withdrawn after the last day for no-record drop will received a "W".  The "W" does not impact GPA, but indicates that a student was enrolled in the course and dropped after the last day for no-record drop.
  • Collaborative, Tri-College and Coop/Internship credits will also be withdrawn.
  • Refunds: Refunds for withdrawals are prorated based on the length of the course and the date of withdrawal.  The term withdrawal refund schedule is available at One Stop. 
  • Financial Aid: Financial aid recipients may have all or a portion of their financial aid returned based on the date of withdrawal, which could result in a balance owed to the University.  A withdrawal may affect future eligibility for financial aid.  Please refer to the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Residence Life:  If the student lives in a residence hall, check out with hall staff within 24 hours of submitting the withdrawal form.  Students in university apartments should contact the Office of Residence Life directly at West Bison Court, 701-231-7557.
  • Military:  If students are withdrawing due to military deployment/activation, see these outlined procedures.

Please contact One Stop for further questions.

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