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Construction Management

The construction industry is one of the largest industries in the United States. It accounts for nearly 8 percent of the nation's gross national product and employs millions of people. The industry is divided into four sectors including residential building construction, industrial construction, commercial building construction, and heavy civil construction.

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The Program

The Department of Construction Management and Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management, which is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE), The degree program is a combination of applied technology, business, construction techniques and management necessary to meet the needs of the rapidly growing construction industry. The program is designed to prepare students for the art of achieving maximum profit by efficient use of people, machines, materials and other resources to complete a construction project on time and to the satisfaction of the owner. A meld of construction, management and business gives students a background and understanding of management’s role in the construction industry. A minor in business administration is a graduation requirement. Construction management students pursue professional licensure through the American Institute of Constructors and Constructor Certification Commission (, as an Associate Constructor (Level 1) or Certified Professional Constructor (Level 2).

The Mission

The mission of the Department of Construction Management and Engineering is to provide quality educational programs that prepare nationally competitive undergraduate and graduate students for successful careers in the construction industry. The programs are designed to provide educational, research and outreach opportunities that serve both the needs of our students and those of the construction industry.

Educational Objectives

The construction management program educational objectives are as follows:

1. Provide to construction students the basic skills necessary to plan, organize and control resources to manage the overall construction process;
2. Provide to construction students the technical knowledge and problem solving skills for a career in construction;
3. Provide to construction students the knowledge and skills necessary to identify, define and compare design alternatives;
4. Provide to construction students necessary communication skills for the successful practice of the construction profession; and
5. Provide to construction students the professional opportunities and skills to pursue life-long learning within the broader societal context of the construction profession.

Faculty and Staff

The Department of Construction Management and Engineering has a group of faculty and staff members dedicated to teaching, advising, and career consultation. All faculty members have doctoral degrees. Some of them have professional licenses such as the Professional Engineer (PE) and the Certified Professional Constructor (CPC). In addition, many faculty members have construction related working experiences both in the United States and overseas.


The Department of Construction Management and Engineering has well equipped classrooms, computer labs, and teaching and research labs for its students. Classrooms used by the department are equipped with a computer, a Blackboard course management system, Internet access, a projector, a projection camera, and a DVD player. In April 2011, a video/lecture capture system was installed in the senior design classroom. In addition, the department maintains a computer lab, a concrete lab and a soils lab and shares laboratory space with the Department of Civil Engineering for the geotechnical and surveying labs.

Career Opportunities

Construction management graduates are in high demand after graduation by contractors in all types of construction, from general contractors to specialty contractors. Positions available include superintendent, project manager and construction executive. Starting salary is between $45,000 and $80,000 in the recent years. Summer employment in the construction industry is also available to construction management students. The members of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of North Dakota as well as other construction firms provide summer jobs for our students every year.

Student Organizations

There are three student organizations in the Department of Construction Management and Engineering: AGC of America, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Sigma Lambda Chi. The AGC Student Chapter competes each year at the Associated Schools of Construction Competition. The NAHB Student Chapter competes at the Residential Construction Management Competition each year. Sigma Lambda Chi is an international construction honor society.

Scholarship Opportunities

The AGC of North Dakota, the Home Builders Care Foundation (a charitable arm of the Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead), and the NAHB offer annual scholarships to outstanding freshmen and upperclass students. In addition, Helgason Engineering Scholarships are available to freshmen and transfer students. Students can contact the Office of Admission for more information or check the department web site at

Sample Curriculum


General Education
    First Year Experience
1     UNIV 189 - Skills for Academic Success
3     COMM 110 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking
3, 3     ENGL 110, 120 - College Composition I, II
3     ENGL 320 - Business and Professional Writing or
     ENGL 321 - Writing in the Technical Professions
    Quantitative Reasoning
4     MATH 146 - Applied Calculus I
    Science & Technology
3, 1     CHEM 121, 121L - General Chemistry I and Lab
3     GEOL 105 - Physical Geology
3, 1     PHYS 211, 211L - College Physics I and Lab
6   Humanities & Fine Arts
    Social & Behavioral Sciences
3     ECON 105 - Elements of Economics
3     PSYC 111 - Introduction to Psychology
2   Wellness
-   Cultural Diversity
    Global Perspective
-     ECON 105 - Elements of Economics
42   Total
Credits   Major Requirements
3   BUSN 431 - Business Law I-Contracts, Property and 
1   CM&E 111 - Introduction to Construction 
      Management and Engineering
3   CM&E 200 - Construction Documents and Codes
3   CM&E 203 - Building Construction: Methods 
        and Materials
3   CM&E 204 - Construction Surveying
3   CM&E 212 - Construction Graphic Communications
3   CM&E 240 - Financial Cost Concepts for Construction
3   CM&E 250 - Construction Statics and Mechanics
3   CM&E 260 - Soils and Foundations
3   CM&E 301 - Construction Technology and Equipment
3   CM&E 305 - Pre-Construction Management
3   CM&E 315 - Specifications and Contracts
3   CM&E 380 - Construction Estimating: Quantities
        and Costs
3   CM&E 403 - Scheduling and Project Control
3   CM&E 405 - Construction Support Operations
3   CM&E 421 - Electrical and Mechanical Construction
3   CM&E 430 - Land Development
3   CM&E 450 - Steel Design for Construction
3   CM&E 453 - Concrete Design and Construction
3   MATH 105 - Trigonometry or
       MATH 107 - Precalculus
3   STAT 330 - Introduction to Statistics
24   Business Administration Minor Electives
83   Total
127   Curriculum Total

A 2.5 cumulative grade point average is required for any transfer student to be accepted into the pre-construction management program.

A 2.75 GPA is required for any pre-construction management student to be accepted into the professional construction management program. A business minor is required in order to graduate.

This sample curriculum is not intended to serve as a curriculum guide for current students, but rather an example of course offerings for prospective students. For the curriculum requirements in effect at the time of entrance into a program, consult with an academic advisor or with the Office of Registration and Records.

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Architecture and Landscape Architecture is located near the center of campus, on east end of Centennial Boulevard (Campus Map)

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