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Interior Design

A professional interior designer is one who is qualified by education, examination and experience to identify, research and creatively solve problems relative to the function and quality of people's interior environments. The course of study in interior design leads to an undergraduate degree.

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Background Information

The program focuses on improving the quality of life and protecting human health and safety through design of the interior environment. Students study design fundamentals, theory, process, communication, research and technology to identify and solve problems for a wide range of physical interior environments for all individuals regardless of socioeconomic background.

The Program

The Department of Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management offers an accredited undergraduate degree program in interior design. The first two years of the program introduce the fundamentals of design, visual and technical communication techniques (including drafting, perspective drawing, model building and rendering), and theoretical and practical applications (including anthropometrics, ergonomics, inclusive design, interior design technology and color theory). Each student becomes aware that the interior design profession is exceedingly complex, and collaborating with design professionals and related disciplines in a team approach to problem solving is routine practice.

Upper-division course work is focused on a series of integrated studio experiences and supporting courses in history, evidence based design, interior materials, professional practice, computer aided design and interior systems. The studio experience culminates in a senior project. Studio experiences require that each student be exposed to a variety of projects at several different levels of complexity and different client project goals.

Field Experience

North Dakota State University interior design students are required to complete a field experience between the junior and senior years. Students accept a variety of positions throughout the United States and abroad.

Selective Admission

Enrollment in sophomore level interior design courses requires a 3.0 institutional cumulative grade point average (GPA). Admission into the third-year studio is based upon demonstrated professional interest, a portfolio review completed during the spring semester of the student’s sophomore year, a 3.0 institutional cumulative GPA and a minimum grade of C in all major core requirements. Students must maintain the 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA requirement and earn a grade of C or better in all major core requirements throughout the remainder of the program. All students successfully completing sophomore review are required to purchase a laptop computer for upper division studio courses.


The interior design program at NDSU is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation and received re-accreditation in 2016.

Career Opportunities

Three main career paths typically chosen by the design professional include residential, commercial and specialized design. Residential design includes kitchen and bath design, renovation for physically challenged, model homes or historical restoration. Commercial design includes corporate and executive offices, healthcare, retail facilities, institutional, transportation, and hospitality and entertainment venues. Other areas of specialty design include lighting, codes, product design or product representative.

Opportunities for NDSU graduates vary according to geographic area of practice and responsibilities of specific positions. Recent graduates have accepted entry-level positions with starting salaries as high as $50,000 (Minneapolis).

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

NDSU students participate locally in the student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Students also have the opportunity to participate in the North Dakota Interior Designers (NDID) organization. A number of professionals visit campus each year to present programs and informational seminars with students. Trips are planned to design studios, architectural firms and product markets to supplement course work. NDSU interior design students are encouraged to enter design competitions and have experienced a very high success rate.

The Facilities

NDSU facilities and instructional amenities are among the finest in the Upper-Midwest. The Interior Design Resource Center is well equipped with current samples and a virtual product library. Studios provide individual work stations and tools necessary to complete graphic presentations.

The Faculty

NDSU faculty hold terminal degrees in interior design or related fields and have been selected because of their individual and collective experience as interior designers and their commitment to teaching. All hold memberships in professional design-related organizations.

Introductory Curriculum

A suggested curriculum is provided. Other combinations are possible, but the sequence of interior design courses cannot vary from this plan. Students who plan to transfer to NDSU should contact the Department of Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management for guidance in selecting courses before or during the first year.

Sample Curriculum

General Education
    First Year Experience
1     HD&E 189 - Skills for Academic Success
3     COMM 110 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking
3, 3     ENGL 110, 120 - College Composition I, II
3     English Upper Level Writing Course
3   Quantitative Reasoning
    Science & Technology
3 or 4     CSCI 114 - Microcomputer Packages or
     CSCI 116 - Business Use of Computers
6-7     Science and Technology Electives
    Humanities & Fine Arts
3     ADHM 315 - History of Interiors I
3     ADHM 316 - History of Interiors II
6   Social & Behavioral Sciences
2   Wellness
-   Cultural Diversity
-   Global Perspective
40   Total
Credits   College/Department Requirements
3   ART 111 - Introduction to Art History or
      ART 210 -Art History I or
       ART 211 -Art History II
3   Total
Credits   Major Requirements
3   ADHM 151 - Design Fundamentals
1   ADHM 160 - Interior Design Careers
3   ADHM 161 - Introduction to Manual Drafting
3   ADHM 162 - Intermediate Manual Drafting
3   ADHM 251 - Interior Design Studio I-Residential
2   ADHM 253 - Interior Design Studio II-Office Design
2   ADHM 254 - Interior Design Studio III
3   ADHM 261 - Visual Communications
2   ADHM 264 - Residential Systems
1-3   ADHM 300 - Design Resource Management
3   ADHM 351 - Interior Design Studio IV-Advanced 
3   ADHM 353 - Interior Design Studio V-Large Scale 
          Contract Design
3   ADHM 363 - Commercial Lighting Design 
        and Building Systems
3   ADHM 365 - CADD for Interiors
3, 1   ADHM 366, 367 - Textiles and Lab
3   ADHM 368 - Interior Materials
3   ADHM 450 - Research and Project Development
        in Interior Design
6   ADHM 452 - Comprehensive Interior Design Project
3   ADHM 460 - Career Development and Professional 
3   ADHM 461 - Building Information Modeling
2-3   ADHM 491 - Seminar
3   ADHM 496 - Field Experience
3   HD&E 320 - Professional Issues
64-67   Total
Credits   Related Requirements
16   Minor
122-126   Curriculum Total

This sample curriculum is not intended to serve as a curriculum guide for current students, but rather an example of course offerings for prospective students. For the curriculum requirements in effect at the time of entrance into a program, consult with an academic advisor or with the Office of Registration and Records.

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