Transcript Frequently Asked Transcript Questions

How do I check the status of my transcript order?

If you placed your order online, you can check the status of your order with Parchment.  You can enter your order number and email address in the navigation on the right side of the page.  You will also receive email notifications as the request moves into processing and is sent.

If you selected Express Mail (FedEx) as your delivery option, we will provide your FedEx tracking number in the confirmation email.  You can check FedEx's online tracking for the status of your transcript delivery at 

If you selected standard processing, we are unable to provide tracking.  Please allow 14 days for delivery before contacting Registration and Records.

Can I forward the transcript to an employer or another school once I receive it?

Once you receive the transcript, you may do with it what you wish.  Most other institutions will require that the transcript arrive in a sealed envelope. As such, we advise that you should not open the sealed envelope once it is received.  

Can I get my transcript today (or as soon as possible)?

Yes, transcripts can be ordered and picked up on the same day from our office during regular business hours.  All additional rush processing fees will apply. You can also order your transcript online and, after making payment, pick it up in person at our office.  For this option, be sure to select "Hold for Pick-up" when ordering.

Other expedited options include fax and mail combo, same day email/secure PDF, express mail, and global express.

Can I have a transcript sent to myself?

Yes, you will indicate your name and address in the recipient information area. The transcript will be stamped "Issued to Student". 

Can I have my transcript sent electronically via email?

Yes. A secure, official transcript can be sent to any valid email address when placing an order through Parchment. These transcripts are accessible for 30 days or 3 downloads from the date they are opened.  After 30 days or 3 downloads, the transcript locks for security purposes and will not be accessible. 

Can I preview my transcript before it is mailed?

Students and former students who have access to Campus Connection can view their student records prior to requesting a transcript; this would serve as your preview.

Can I request a copy of my transcript which shows only my graduate work, even though I did my undergraduate work at NDSU?

No.  NDSU follows guidelines of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers, which states that an official university transcript reflects all of the academic coursework completed at the institution. 

Can you hold my request until grades or my degree is posted?

Yes. We are able to hold transcript requests for grades and/or degrees as long as the order indicates "After Grades" or "After Degree".  Once your semester grades or degree appear on your student record, it will be on your official transcript.  Grades are posted approximately 10 business days after the last day of finals.  Degree notations are posted approximately 20 business days after the last day of finals. 

How can I obtain course descriptions of the courses on my transcript?

Course descriptions are available online for current and historical courses.  If the course descriptions are for courses prior to 2000, please contact the Office of Registration and Records.

How do I interpret the transcript?

The grading system key is located on the reverse side of the official transcript.  This information is also available for download as a PDF (NDSU Transcript Key).

How long will it take to process my request?

Standard processing time is 2 business days from the date we receive your complete request (request form and payment). Please note that this is processing time only and does not include transit time.

I accidentally opened the envelope. What do I do now?

Please be aware that most institutions require the transcript to arrive in our unopened university envelopes.  If you open the sealed envelope, you will need to place a new order (including payment).

I attended NDSU-Bottineau. Who should I contact to order a transcript?

I attended Sanford College of Nursing (formerly MedCenter One) in Bismarck. How do I order a transcript?

As of July 1, 2014, NDSU is the custodian of Sanford College of Nursing-Bismarck and MedCenter One College of Nursing-Bismarck academic record. Former students should order their transcript online using the Transcript Request Form. Please note your attendance at the institution on the order form.

Orders for Sanford College of Nursing/MedCenter One can only be fulfilled as a paper transcript.

I have a past due balance (or other hold) on my record. Can I still request a transcript? Can you lift that hold for me?

You are NOT able to request a transcript while having a hold on your account that prevents a transcript from being printed .  Please submit the transcript request after the hold is removed.  A hold can only be cleared/removed by the department or institution that placed the hold on your account. 

I need proof of my degree. Should I request my transcript in order to get that?

Your transcript will show all degrees received at NDSU.

I received the wrong transcript. What do I do?

Please contact the Office of Registration and Records.

My name has changed. How can I get that changed on my transcript?

Name changes need to be completed with the Office of Registration and Records.  Information on name change procedures can be found here. Please complete and submit your name change prior to ordering, if you would like your current name reflected on the transcript. 

My electronic transcript is blank. What do I do?

In order to open an electronic transcript, the computer being used must have Adobe Reader.

My transcript was never received. What do I do?

Check the status of your transcript request online if you ordered through Parchment. For U.S. mail requests, once the status shows "Processed", please allow at least 14 days for delivery to the recipient(s) before contacting the Office of Registration and Records.

We are unable to take responsibility for mail that has been lost.  If you are concerned about a transcript's security during transit, we suggest selecting Express Mail (FedEx) or you can pick up your order in person and send it on your own behalf. If your transcript was not received and you had it sent via Express Mail (FedEx), please contact FedEx or check their online tracking to determine delivery status.

We will only re-issue a transcript to the same address indicated on the original order for requests completed within the last 30 days.  After that time frame, a new order will need to be placed.

There is a mistake on my transcript. How do I get that corrected?

If you feel there is an error on your transcript, please contact the Office of Registration and Records.

What are my options for mailing transcripts to an APO/FPO address?

The only delivery option for mailing a transcript to an APO/FPO address is the U.S. mail delivery.

Will you complete and include additional paperwork that needs to accompany my transcript order?

Any paperwork that needs to accompany an official transcript can be uploaded electronically with an order through Parchment. 

Will you send transcripts from the other schools that I previously submitted to NDSU?

No. NDSU is not authorized to release official transcripts from other educational institutions, even if you previously submitted them to NDSU. You will need to contact the appropriate institutions for official copies of your transcripts from their schools.  NDSU transcripts will only contain work completed at NDSU.