Tuition Waivers

Tuition waivers are a discount applied towards a student's tuition charges. Waivers cannot pay student fees, housing charges, etc. and may not be refunded to the student. Please be aware that not all waivers will apply to all types of tuition charges (e.g. collaborative credits taken at other North Dakota University System institutions) and students should confirm eligibility prior to registration.  A small number of waivers can be applied to charges such as books and student fees.  Since waivers reduce the cost of attendance they are calculated as part of a student’s award package if receiving financial aid.

Undergraduate Academic Waivers

Presidential, Presidential Honor, and Provost Awards may be granted to first year students meeting minimum ACT/SAT and/or GPA requirements. 

International Student Awards may be granted to first year students meeting minimum admission proficiency scores.

Eligibility is determined by the Office of Admission and/or International Student Services and Study Abroad.

Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver

North Dakota State University is pleased to offer the Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver to qualified students. For the purpose of the Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver, cultural diversity is defined as anyone who comes from the following underrepresented groups:

  • Native American/American Indian
  • Alaskan Native
  • African American/Black
  • Asian
  • Hawaiian Native/Other Pacific Islander
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Multiracial/Multiethnic (from the above categories)
  • Refugee

Applications and additional information

Graduate Tuition Waiver

The Graduate Assistant Waiver provides a 100% waiver of the base tuition. Engineering students receive a 100% waiver of the full Engineering Differential Tuition. In addition to receiving a waiver, graduate assistants may receive a stipend to perform research, teaching, and service activities.

Assistantships are either 1/4-time, which require an average of 10 hours of student time per week to complete assigned responsibilities, or they are 1/2-time and require 20 hours per week. Students who have completed their Program of Study, filed with the Graduate School, but who have not completed their thesis, paper, or dissertation are require to register for at least one Continuous Enrollment credit each semester (fall and spring semester only). To be eligible for a summer tuition waiver, a student must have received a tuition waiver for the preceding or the following academic term (spring or fall semester). Eligibility is determined by the Grad School. A tuition wavier will not be processed until a Graduate Summer Tuition Waiver form is received and approved by the Graduate School.

Students must be admitted to the Graduate School as a degree-seeking student.  Non-degree students are not eligible.  Students are responsible for any differential tuition, student fees, and tuition for other types of credits taken, such as undergraduate credits or Cooperative Education credits.  

The Graduate Assistant Waiver does not cover audit courses as they aren't part of a student's Plan of Study (course work).

Employee Spouse/Dependent Tuition Waiver and Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver

Students and/or parents seeking this waiver will need to complete the form, located on Human Resources/Payroll's website (located under Benefits > Tuition Waiver for Faculty/Staff or Tuition Waiver for Employee Spouse/Dependents). NDSU policies 133 and 133.1 require that tuition waiver forms be completed and submitted to Human Resources prior to each semester for which you are taking classes. Please refer to the policies for appropriate deadlines.  For more information please contact Human Resources/Payroll.

Graduate Dean Tuition Waiver

This waiver is awarded to graduate students in the College of Human Development and Education. Awards, which are limited to 3 credits per semester, are made on a competitive basis; criteria for selection include: completion of at least 6 graduate credits, full-standing in a program and minimum 3.0 GPA in graduate studies. Priority is given to students who demonstrate need, are North Dakota residents in a doctoral program with an approved plan of study, and are close to completion of their program. Eligibility is determined by the Human Development & Education department in conjunction with the Graduate School.

Graduate International Student Tuition Waivers

Awarded to graduate students not on an assistantship. Waivers in this category are provided to external award recipients such as Fulbright (100% waiver) and World Learning scholars (30% waiver). Included in this category are waivers that result directly from Memorandums of Understanding between NDSU and specific affiliated international universities or institutions. Eligibility is determined by the Graduate School.

Differential Tuition and/or Department Waivers

Select departments may choose to offer a waiver of base tuition and/or differential tuition. Eligibility is determined by the respective department.

Transfer Waiver

Awarded to high-achieving transfer students transferring to NDSU to complete their first bachelor’s degree.  Minimum GPA at previous institutions required.  Eligibility is determined for the Office of Admission. 

Phi Theta Kappa Waiver

For members of Phi Theta Kappa.

Law Enforcement Officer Waiver**

Available to full-time North Dakota law enforcement officers with at least two years of service that are maintaining satisfactory job performance. Must complete the appropriate application supplied by the ND Attorney General and receive supervisor approval at least one month in advance of the start of the semester. The waiver provides a 25% reduction in tuition and student fees to undergraduate students and is available for a maximum of five years after initial award.

National Guard Tuition Waiver**

ND Century Code §§ 37-07.1 and SBHE Policy 820 authorize a thirty-five percent tuition waiver on undergraduate tuition for qualified members of the National Guard, subject to limitations stated in that chapter and National Guard rules. Eligibility is determined by the North Dakota National Education Center in Bismarck, ND.

Veteran Dependent Tuition Waiver**

ND Century Code §§ 15-10-18.2 and 15-10-18.3 and SBHE Policy 820 authorize tuition and fees be waived in North Dakota institutions of higher education for a dependent/spouse/widow/widower of a resident veteran who was killed in action, died of service-related causes, has a one hundred percent service-connected disability as determined by the department of veterans' affairs, was a prisoner of war or declared missing in action. Educational benefits are allowed for a bachelor's degree or certificate of completion. Eligibility is determined by NDSU's Certifying Official.

 ​Veteran Dependent Tuition Waiver Application​ (requires NDUS login)

Senior Citizen/Project 65 Waiver**

SBHE Policy 805.3 authorizes the tuition to be waived for on-campus courses audited by persons 65 years of age or older. Eligibility is reviewed by the Office of Registration and Records.

SBHE Student Member Waiver**

SBHE Policy 820 authorize tuition and fees be waived for the appointed student member of the State Board of Higher Education. Eligibility is reviewed by Customer Account Services.

**North Dakota University System sponsored waiver


Please note: **North Dakota University System sponsored waiver