Thanksgiving Break Housing Request Form

Residence Halls close for Thanksgiving break at 10am on Wednesday, November 24 and reopen at noon on Sunday, November 28. Any student wanting to remain in their residence hall over Thanksgiving break must complete the following form by 9pm on Thursday, November 18. 

Request Form

CHANGES/CANCELATIONS: If you need to change your dates after submission, please complete the form again. Any changes after the app deadline must be sent to your Hall Director. If you need to cancel, complete the cancelation form


The fee for staying over break is $18 per night. 


The deadline to request break housing is 9pm on Thursday, November 18. Late requests will be assessed a $25 fee. 

Break Housing Information

WHY DO I NEED TO REQUEST BREAK HOUSING? You must request break housing because the residence hall license agreement does not include housing during breaks.  

WHAT IF I'M AN ATHLETE? Athletes are responsible for checking with their coaches regarding break housing. All necessary requests should be turned in by the deadline.

CHANGES/CANCELATIONS: If you need to change your dates, please complete the form again. This form is only available until Thursday, November 18th at 9pm. Any changes after that must be sent to your Hall Director. If you need to cancel, complete the cancelation form

HOURS: During the break period, staffing and services (mail, custodial, hall office desk hours, etc.) will be limited. Please contact the Department of Residence Life at 701-231-7557 weekdays between 8:00am and 5:00pm with any questions you may have (the office will be closed Thursday, November 25). In case of an emergency, contact Campus Police at 701-231-8998.  

CARD & KEY ACCESS: Security doors will be locked at all times. Card access to the residence halls will be given to each student registered for break housing. "Six-to-six" access will be provided, meaning, those who request access for the night of November 24, for example, will have access from 6pm on the 24th until 6pm on the 25th.

GUESTS: Guest hours will be from 12:00pm (noon) to 10:00pm. No overnight guests will be allowed over break periods. All other hall rules will be in effect during break period.  

Dining Holiday Hours
  • Tuesday, November 23: UDC and RDC close at 2:30pm; WDC closes at 8pm
  • Wednesday, November 24: UDC and RDC closed; WDC open from 8am – 2:30pm. 
  • Thursday, November 25: All dining centers closed. Food court closed. 
  • Friday, November 26: All dining centers and food court are closed. Caribou is open 7 am to 3 pm. 
  • Saturday, November 27: All dining centers closed. Food court closed. 
  • Sunday, November 28: WDC opens and resumes normal hours at 4pm.
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