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To request break housing for spring break, complete the online form.


The deadline to request break housing is noon on Friday, March 13. Late requests will be assessed a $25 fee. If you need to remain in your hall due to travel impacted by COVID-19, please see your hall director for permission and access to the building. The late request fee of $25 will not be charged for those staying due to these reasons, but students will be charged the $16/night break housing fee. 

Break Housing Information

WHY DO I NEED TO REQUEST BREAK HOUSING? You must request break housing because the residence hall license agreement does not include housing costs during breaks.  

CHARGES (NIGHTLY RATE): During break housing periods, additional hall staff must be hired and special custodial arrangements are required at times. Upon completion of break housing, you will be charged $16.00 per night to cover these additional costs. Charges will be billed to your account for the full number of requested nights unless the Hall Director or Residence Life Central Office (231-7557) is notified prior to any change. Please review the CHANGES IN NUMBER OF NIGHTS STAYING section below for guidelines.  

CHANGES IN NUMBER OF NIGHTS STAYING: It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to verify the nights you are staying when you sign up for break housing. You must verify the nights staying before the halls close for break. These are the nights you will be charged for staying. Should you need to cancel your break housing request, the Hall Director should be notified before the break period begins. If you need to stay beyond the period of time requested, you are responsible for informing the hall staff on or before the original requested dates. Students who do not inform the hall staff that they will be staying beyond the requested number of nights will be charged a $25.00 fee for unauthorized occupancy. Residents remaining in the halls after hall closing will be charged for occupancy and late fee, if applicable.  

HOURS: During the break period, staffing and services (mail, custodial, hall office desk hours, etc.) will be limited.  

CARD & KEY ACCESS: Security doors will be locked at all times. Card access to the residence halls will be given to each student registered for break housing. "Six-to-six" access will be provided, meaning, those who request access for the night of December 20, for example, will have access from 6pm on December 20 until 6pm on December 21. 

GUESTS: Guest hours will be from 12:00pm (noon) to 10:00pm. No overnight guests will be allowed over break periods. All other hall rules will be in effect during break period.  

UNAUTHORIZED OCCUPANCY: Winter and summer break occupancy is only available to students who have a housing contract for the semester following the break. There will be a $25.00 fee assessed for unauthorized occupancy per incident.

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