End-of-Year Checkout Procedures

Read through the following information to prepare for hall closing! Steps not completed may result in an improper checkout charge, plus any applicable charges for keys, cleaning, and/or damages. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your Hall Director or RA. 

Preparing to Check Out

Cleaning Supplies: 
Cleaning supplies and equipment (vacuums, mops, brooms, rags, etc.) are available for your use. Check with hall staff for location. Return supplies promptly after using so others may use them.

During your checkout, you will leave your forwarding address with the RA staff. All first class mail is forwarded by hall staff for one year.  Magazines are forwarded for 60 days. Inform all mail sources (e.g. credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, etc.) of your new address. DO NOT  contact the USPS to arrange for forwarding of your mail. Use Campus Connection to update your mailing address with NDSU – this will be the default address used by the University, so make sure it is accurate.

Bikes & Motorized Scooters: 
Don’t forget your bike or scooter! Personal bicycles or motorized scooters not removed from the NDSU campus will result in your property being tagged and impounded with a $20 impound fee.  

24-Hour Quiet Hours:
10pm on Friday, May 7 through 6pm on Friday May 14. No warnings will be given during this time. 

Dining Center Items:
Please return any Dining Center items into the designated box near your hall office. This includes things like dishes, silverware, cups, salt/pepper shakers, etc. 

Rental Lofts, Microwaves & Refrigerators: 
Rented metal lofts, defrosted refrigerators, and microwaves can be left in your room and will be picked up by CSI after your departure. 

Checking Out

Schedule your checkout.

  • Each resident is responsible for checking out of their room. Third party checkouts are not allowed. 
  • It is your responsibility to arrange the checkout time. Sign-up sheets for check-out times are posted on your floor or at the front desk. Signing up for checkout times is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see your RA if you cannot find the sign-up sheet or if you have questions about signing up.
  • Checkouts take approximately 20-30 minutes.
  • You must reserve a check-out time at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Failure to check out with an RA will result in a $50.00 improper checkout charge, plus any damages or cleaning fees.

Return your room to its original condition.  

  • All trash must be taken to outside dumpsters by residents. Trash rooms on the floors will be closed starting May 7 at 3:30 p.m.
  • Unbunk/unloft your beds. Remember to work with a buddy. If you rented your loft, you may leave it lofted.
  • Move furnishings to their original locations.  
  • Thoroughly clean drawers, desks, radiators, window sills, shelves, waste baskets, windows and mirrors.
  • Sweep and mop (or vacuum) your room.
  • Wipe down all surfaces. This includes counter tops, mirrors, windows, baseboards, shelves, drawers, etc.
  • Close all windows/drapes/blinds.

The RA will check your room using the Room Condition Form (RCF) you completed when you moved in.  
You will be assessed for damages beyond normal wear and tear and for any damages not accounted for on your RCF.  

Return room/mail keys to RA.  
You will be charged if not returned at checkout.

Donate, Don’t Dispose!

Gently-Used Items: Donate your gently-used clothes, shoes, purses, linens, towels, fans, housewares, blankets, sporting goods, and more! Donation trucks will be located at Albrecht & 15th Ave (in front of R/J), FA Lot by MLLC, and the Niskanen Hall parking lot. For convenience, donation boxes will be available in all low rises but residents are also welcome to use donation trucks. 

Non-Perishable Food Items: Placed UNOPENED food in the designated box near your hall office to have items donated to the NDSU Good Herds Food Pantry.

Additional Notes

Checking Out Early: Coordinate with your Hall Director to check out early. You may officially check out at any time, but early checkout will not result in a refund. 

Improper Checkout Fee: Failure to properly check out with a staff member by 6 p.m. on Friday, May 14 will result in a $50 improper checkout fee, plus any applicable charges for keys, cleaning, and/or damages.

Cleaning Charges: If your roommate is leaving early, they must help you clean your room/foyer space. If additional cleaning is required by the University, you will be charged a minimum of $100 for labor costs.

Damage Charges: The final condition of the room and unclaimed damage charges are the responsibility of the last resident checking out.  Damages are assessed by the RA and/or Hall Director. You will be billed for any damage charges accrued. Roommates are encouraged to discuss plans prior to checkout and to take responsibility for their respective damages.

Summer Housing: Current residents taking classes or working on campus this summer, and those planning to live on campus next fall may reside in the Mathew Living Learning Center East and will check in on May 16. These individuals should: 1) Go to Residence Life in West Bison Court and submit a summer housing license agreement, 2) Get a break housing form from your Hall Director and complete it by May 7, and 3) Schedule a time to check out of your current room with your Hall Director. 

NDSU Commencement: Students graduating or participating in commencement exercises are allowed to stay in the halls until 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 15. Please request a break housing form from your Hall Director and complete it prior to Friday, May 7. Students must also make arrangements to check out with their Hall Director.  

Athletics: Athletes participating in scheduled athletic events after the halls close on Friday, May 14, must complete a break housing form with their Hall Director. Athletes are responsible for making individual arrangements for hall checkout based on arrangements between Residence Life and the respective coach. 

Easy to Follow Checkout Checklist:

____  Defrost rented refrigerator (if applicable) 
____  Sign up for a checkout time with RA Staff at least 24 hours in advance
____  Read and follow directions above if you are residing in the MLLC East this summer, are participating in commencement/graduation services, or participating in scheduled athletic events
____  Remove all personal effects from room and foyers – double check drawers and closets
        ____ Dust room, sweep and mop or vacuum floor
        ____ Wipe down all surfaces with cleaner and rag (mirrors, counter tops, baseboards, etc.)
        ____ Return furniture to original locations (same locations as when you moved in)
        ____ Take garbage to dumpster outside
____ Work with a buddy to unbunk/unloft your bed. If you rented your loft, you may leave it lofted.
____ Close all windows and drapes/blinds
____ Check mailbox for any remaining mail 
____ Complete checkout with RA Staff
____ Return room and/or mail key to RA upon checkout
____ Clearly print forwarding address on Room Condition Form (RFC) 
____ Update address on Campus Connection 
____ Don’t forget your bike or motorized scooter
____ Have a FANTASTIC summer!

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