RHA Body (Hall Government Presidents and Vice Presidents)

The RHA Body is comprised of the Presidents and Vice Presidents of every residence hall on campus. The RHA Body’s role is to connect with the other halls, be the link between their halls and the RHA Executive Board, and be the voting body. The RHA Body will have the chance to vote on policies, legislation, funding, etc. Individuals willing to express true leadership, demonstrate critical thinking, and exhibit friendship to everyone must consider becoming a part of the RHA Body. The RHA Body will also get a chance to meet each other at the beginning of the semester at a retreat where they can learn more about their roles, take part in activities, and enjoy food.

Meeting Times:

Every Monday at 7:00 pm, starting on September 11th.

Contact Us:

Contact Information

Join Us:

The RHA Body is open to everyone living on campus. Elections for the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the halls occur at the beginning of the first semester. 



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