2024-2025 Residence Hall Renewal

Did you forget to sign-up for a residence hall next year? We still have space and our waitlists are open!

  1. Sign your residence hall agreement
    • Log on to your housing portal.
    • Under “Applications,” choose “Room Sign-up.” Follow the prompts to submit your residence hall agreement.
  2. Select your space
    • Under “Room Selection,” choose “Select a Room or Suite.” You will be able to view empty spaces and select your space.
      • If you are unable to find your preferred space, it is for one of three reasons: 1. There are no rooms left to select, 2. You are not eligible to live in that space, or 3. There are no spaces available that will accommodate your roommate grouping (dropping one or more of your roommates will potentially offer more spaces).
  3. Waitlist Submission
    • Under "Housing Agreements and Forms", select "Fall 2024 Waitlist." Add yourself to one or more waitlists.

My College Roomie is open through February 2024 for students who want to meet a roommate! 

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