RHA Contact Information

Garrett Kuhn, President
Majors: Political Science/ Economics/ Agricultural Economics
I joined RHA after some urging from my RA, who thought I would enjoy it. She was right of course and I'm going into my third year having made a lot of friends and grown a lot as a leader.


Alyssa Miiller, Vice President and National Communications Coordinator

Major/Minor: Bachelors in Industrial Engineering and Management and a Masters in Business Administration
I joined to better my leadership skills, to meet new people and to help do my part to make NDSU more of a home away from home for the students on campus.


Malcolm Strand, Administrative Director

Major/Minor: Political Science with a minor in Photography
I wanted to contribute to something larger than myself, gain valuable experience in leadership, and grow to become a better person, all things RHA can do for you!


Addi Drenk, Public Relations Director

Major/Minor: Social Science Education and a minor in History
I joined RHA to meet new people and advocate for student voices on campus.


Katia Shamanovskaya, Event Coordinator

Major/Minor: Sociology Minoring in Human Development and Family Sciences
I joined RHA because it's a way to be involved and have fun at the same time. I love the people and memories that I've made within RHA.


Carson Markovic, NRHH President/RHA Liaison

Major/Minor: Microbiology and minor of Chemistry
I want to help foster an inclusive and supportive environment in and around the residence halls!

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