RHA Contact Information


Evan Hermanson, President

Major/Minor: Political Science/Pre-Law
Why I Joined RHA: I love creating new connections and helping make everyone's day just a little better.


Sigrid Jewett, Vice President-NCC

Major/Minor: Political Science with honors minor
Why I Joined RHA: I didn't really even think about joining RHA, it was just such an obvious and natural choice.


Kayla Boustead, RHA Administrative Director

Major/Minor: Accounting, Business Administration/ Strategic Communications
Why I Joined RHA: I really enjoy my position in Pavek hall and I wanted to do it on a bigger scale. Also I want to be more involved and meet some awesome people!


Karisa Wilson, PR Director

Major: Accounting
Minor: Fraud Investigation
Why I joined RHA: I wanted to get involved on campus. I also wanted to meet new people and make a difference on campus.


Talia Frahm, Event Board Coordinator

Major/Minor: Industrial Engineering and Management
Why I Joined RHA: To create new connections and develop skills applicable in my future career. The Residence Hall Association is a great way to get involved at NDSU and develop a voice on campus!


Julia Lee, NRHH President/RHA Liaison

Major/Minor: Medical Lab Science Major with Chemistry, Microbiology, and Music Minors
Why I Joined RHA/NRHH: It was the first place that I felt a sense of community on campus. This organization is a great way to meet new people and get involved in the campus community. Our main values are leadership, recognition, and service, and by spreading these values through volunteering, I know that I am making a difference in the lives of others.

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