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jars of canned fruit slices with water bath canner and canning equpment
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There are a few key pieces of equipment required for preserving food and are dependent on what type of preserving you plan on doing.

Pressure Canners

Required when canning low-acid foods such as vegetables and meat. The pressurized environment, that this piece of equipment provides, is key to destroying harmful bacteria. 

Pressure Gauge Testing

Many counties across North Dakota offer pressure gauge testing. Check out the "Services" section of your local county for more information.

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Water-bath Canners

Used when preserving high-acid foods (fruit, tomatoes, jams, jellies). High acid foods can be preserved safely when they reach temperatures provided by a boiling water-bath canner.

Questions and Answers About Boiling Water-bath Canner

Steam Canning

Steam Can It Right!

Other Equipment

Other common equipment includes jars, lids, funnels, jar lifter, bubble remover. These items are available online or in stores.

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