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Helping Your Child With Homework

Learn some tips and tricks to help your child with their homework.

How To Resolve Sibling Squabbles

Siblings have plenty of positive lessons, such as problem solving, becoming resilient, sharing and empathy, to practice, but the occasional (or constant) flare-up still may occur.

Starting A Family Meeting Routine

Family meetings can include a variety of components, depending on your family situation. You may wish to start small when children are young.
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Parent Education

Providing research-based parent education to North Dakotans.


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Basic Beginnings is a research-based parent education program focused on raising young children from the prenatal period through 3 years of age. Learn more


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Parenting Publications
Youth are less likely to use addictive substances if their parents talk early and often about the risks, establish clear rules and consequences, and regularly monitor their activities. Active involvement and support of caring adults are…
Family engagement focuses on building positive relationships and supporting children and families. This document provides a menu of resources and organizations for understanding and promoting family engagement in early childhood settings.
It is important to create a healthy environment for an unborn child during the time of pregnancy. Key topics in creating a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby include managing personal health concerns, practicing healthy behaviors,…
For children ages birth to 5, the best development occurs as families and early childhood professionals share understanding about best practices in nurturing young children. Family engagement matters! Shared activities improve mutual…
Early childhood education programs and resources can provide important benefits to young children and their families between birth and five years of age. This report reviews findings from research in North Dakota on family engagement…
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