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Now You're Cookin'!


Now You're Cookin'! Shopping for Family Meals (FN693) Enjoy more family meals by taking some time to plan your menus and your shopping trips. Involve your family in menu planning, shopping, preparation and cleanup.

Now You're Cookin'! Breakfast (FN694) We all “fast” for seven or more hours a night when we sleep. “Break the fast” with some nourishing food. If you feel a little sluggish when you miss your morning meal, you have a good reason. You’re running your “engine” on empty.

Now You're Cookin'! More Whole Grains (FN695) USDA’s MyPlate recommends that we make at least half our grains whole.

Now You're Cookin'! More Fruits and Vegetables (FN696) Family meals give parents/caregivers a chance to be good nutrition role models for children. Whether you’re sharing a meal at a park, in a car or at the family table, children who eat with their families eat a more nutritious diet. They eat more fruits and vegetables and other nutritious foods.

Now You're Cookin'! More Calcium-rich Foods! (FN697) Children who eat with their families are more likely to meet their calcium needs and drink less soda pop. That’s good news because children are building strong bones and need calcium and other nutrients as the building blocks. Teens have the highest calcium needs due to their rapid growth.

Now You're Cookin'! Meals with Help from Kids (FN705) An increasing number of children and teenagers are eating more meals and snacks away from their home and family. They may be choosing unhealthy ready-to-eat food options rather than spending time preparing a healthy snack or meal – and eating with their families.

Now You're Cookin'! Meals with Help from Teens (FN706) More children and teenagers are eating meals and snacks away from their home and family. Encouraging teens to help prepare food and clean up can help busy families manage their time.

Now You're Cookin'! Well-measured Recipes (FN707) Proper measuring helps ensure that you will have a good end product.

Now You're Cookin'! Lean Beef! (FN711) Beef is a versatile menu item whether you’re cooking for one, two or a crowd. Beef provides protein, vitamins and minerals.

Now You're Cookin'! Nutritious After-school Snacks (FN1379) Providing nutritious snacks doesn’t have to be expensive but you may need to do some planning to make them readily available for your child.

Now You're Cookin'! Nutritious Snacks for Preschoolers (FN1380) A child’s small tummy usually cannot hold enough at meals to keep him or her satisfied until the next meal. Kids younger than 6 may need to eat two to three snacks a day because they usually can’t meet their daily requirements in just three meals. Think of snacks as minimeals to help fill the gaps in their diets.

Now You're Cookin'! Tasty, Healthful Meals on a Budget Week 1: Meal Planning Tips, Menus and Recipes (FN1383) Planning menus, buying food and fixing meals your family likes can be challenging tasks. Staying within your food budget can add to the challenge.

Now You're Cookin'! Tasty Healthful Meals on a Budget Week 2: Grocery Shopping Tipes, Menus and Recipes (FN1384) Menu planning can help you serve your family healthier meals and it can help you save money at the grocery store. After Planning your menus, the next step is developing a grocery list so you have all the necessary foods for each meal.

Now You're Cookin'! Tasty Healthful Meals on a Budget Week 3: Cost-saving Tips, Menus and Recipes (FN1385) You may have established a weekly menu and shopping list, but now you need the food. Going to the grocery store to buy food for your family may be something you do not look forward to doing. Decreasing the amount of time and money you spend there may help change that.

Now You're Cookin'! Tasty Healthful Meals on a Budget Week 4: Planned-over Food Tips, Menus and Recipes (FN1386) Planning menus, shopping for foods and using your leftovers wisely can pay off in many ways. Your family can enjoy healthy meals with lots of variety, and you can stretch your budget.

Now You're Cookin'! Tasty, Healthful Meals on a Budget Week 5: Time-saving Tips, Menus and Recipes (FN1387) In today's busy world, cooking a meal completely from scratch may be difficult. However, convenience foods usually cost more and may be higher in calories, fat and sodium.

Now You're Cookin'! Recipe Makeovers (FN1447) Learn to prepare your old family favorites in new, healthier ways with these recipe makeovers.

Now You're Cookin'! Lean Pork (FN1475) Pork can serve as the basis of a wide variety of tasty meals for you and your family. Today’s pork is very lean and healthful to eat.

Now You're Cookin'! Beans (FN1485) Consider adding more beans to your menu. They’re convenient, versatile and lend themselves to many tasty dishes. Beans are a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Now You're Cookin'! Slow Cooker Meals (FN1511) Imagine this: You have just walked in the door and are greeted by the aroma of a tender beef stew simmering in your slow cooker. You slice a loaf of whole-wheat bread and toss a simple spinach and strawberry salad. Dinner is served! Evenings like this can go from a dream to reality when using a slow cooker.

A Pocket Guide to Meals in the Field (FN2105) Healthful meals help maintain energy and focus during work. Busy seasons for farmers can often be unpredictable. Try planning your meals in advance to make things easier, save on time and give you one less thing to think about while you're in the field.