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Building Tomorrow's Leaders - a multi-session, comprehensive program for high school youth designed to empower students to get involved civically, build confidence and skills to lead, and assist them to develop personal and professional networks.  Youth involved may choose to stay or return to their community and build the local economy as well as engage civically.

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Jr. - a civic engagement and leadership program geared to upper elementary and middle school students from NDSU Extension and the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction.

Growing Leaders Short Course - a five week leadership training in a region to help participants build skills, gain confidence and work together on a local community development project.  Citizens determine what is best for their community.  Planning processes result in better buy-in, adoption of local policies and implementation of plans.

Lead Local - Training for aspiring, elected and appointed leaders serving on boards, councils and committees.

Rural Leadership North Dakota- an 18-month statewide leadership development program that includes seminars with experts, on-site tours/presentations, meetings with agriculture, business and government leaders, international experience and personal skills development.  RLND improves the health of  communities in North Dakota that in turn have people step up to run for public office, improve the local economic, expand services for residents and build leaders for the future.

Soil and Water Conservation Leadership Academy– a locally delivered educational program to build participant’s skills and enhance their ability to lead watershed, conservation and community-based projects that will protect water quality for future generations. 

Youth Lead Local - Do you want to see positive changes in schools, organizations and communities because of civically engaged youth?