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Pulse Crops


Researchers have reported that regular consumption of pulses may reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Pulses are a versatile, easy-to-prepare ingredient that can be used in entrees, salads, breads and desserts.

This educational website provides:

  • Publications - Learn the benefits of regularly consuming pulses as part of a healthy diet and recipe ideas for adding them to your menus.
  • Teaching Materials - Resources for educators.
  • Research - Read the latest research associated with chickpeas, split peas and lentils.
  • Quantity Recipes - Large scale recipes to be used in foodservice facilities or with large groups.
  • Standard Recipes - Recipes for the at-home-cook.
  • Videos - Recipe demonstrations.

Development of many of the materials on this website was made possible, in part, with funding from the Northern Pulse Growers Association.