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Join 4-H!

A 4-H volunteer helps a 4-H kid practice archery

Ready to join ND 4-H? Here's how.

4-H is open to youth from Kindergarten through Grade 12, ages 5 to 18 on August 31. 4-H does not divide activities by gender and we offer graduated experiences for youth in different “ages and stages” of development. Whatever you love to do, you can find it here.

Joining 4-H can be as simple as attending one of our events or club meetings with a friend who is already a member of 4-H. Club meetings are open to the public. Some schools offer an after-school 4-H club, which are easy to attend. Every participation counts, and we’re happy to have you!

Not sure about which club or afterschool program?

Learn more about 4-H in your county. Select your county below.

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Know your preferred club and ready to sign up?

4-H Online is our easy tool for getting registered as a member and becoming affiliated with a club.

Not a kid? Want to volunteer?

Volunteers help make 4-H possible. Extension volunteers work with staff to deliver educational programs using University and other high-quality educational resources.