Most of North Dakota is experiencing a severe drought. NDSU Agriculture has assembled important resources for dealing with the drought. Access them now. 

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Trees and Shrubs

North Dakota landscape with a tree with yellow leaves

Trees and shrubs are wonderful long-term additions to your landscape but it can be overwhelming figuring out what to plant and how to care for it. Luckily, NDSU Extension has plenty of resources that will help you figure out what to plant and help you diagnose and manage common issues.


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Tree Selector Tool

Many species of tall deciduous trees are available for conservation and urban plantings. The ND Tree Selector is an online tool that helps users choose tree and shrub species based on a variety of characteristics. Are you looking for something that is fast growing or a tree that is long-lived? Perhaps a species with pretty flowers? 


apple tree with fruit

Caring For and Diagnosing Apple Tree Issues

Learn all about how to choose and care for your apple trees—whether you have a few in your yard or a whole orchard, you'll find everything you need to cultivate a flourishing stand of trees. 


Diverse planting of trees in front of building

Managing Trees Through Drought Conditions

Summer's coming, which means irrigation is on our minds. And for trees, last year's drought conditions can also be the root cause of issues occurring now. Learn drought management techniques to help your trees survive these strenuous conditions.