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Ripe apples on a tree branch
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Ripe apricots on a tree branch

The Best Apricot Cultivars for North Dakota

Apricots are loved for their delicate blossoms in spring and their golden fruits in summer. Here are some recommended apricot cultivars and tips for growing them in North Dakota.
Close up of ripening pear fruits on a tree branch

The Best Pear Cultivars for North Dakota

Pears are great for fresh eating and canning—learn some tips and find out the best pear cultivars for North Dakota.
Ripe red raspberries on bramble stems

The Best Raspberry Cultivars for North Dakota

Raspberry is a popular fruit that is easy to grow in North Dakota. Plant both summer- and fall-bearing types to extend your harvest. Here are some tips and recommended cultivars for gardeners in North Dakota.
Ripe crabapples on tree branches

The Best Crabapple Cultivars for North Dakota

The tart flavor of crabapple makes it popular for canning and in making jellies. This fruit is grown just like apples. Here are some tips and recommended cultivars for gardeners in North Dakota.
Apples on apple tree in a close up with farmhouse behind

Apple Trees

Information on growing apple trees in North Dakota
Fruits Publications
Research continues to show that the fiber and natural antioxidants and other phytochemicals ("plant chemicals") in apples may help prevent chronic diseases. Learn about growing apple trees, apples and health, and how to preserve and…
Spotted wing drosophila (SWD) is a vinegar fly that was first confirmed in ND in 2013 as an invasive pest of soft-skinned fruit crops. The SWD lays its eggs in healthy, ripening fruits. Then larvae hatch from eggs and feed on the fruit…
This publication will help identify and manage apple scab in home landscapes.
Pesticides can increase the quality and quantity of our food supply, prevent disease and improve the comfort and aesthetics of our environment. The use of pesticides is not without risks. Every pesticide applicator is responsible for…
This publication summarizes the process of pollination in different vegetables and fruits grown by the backyard gardeners of North Dakota. Successful pollination is needed for fruit or berry production. The role of pollinators in growing…
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