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Food Safety

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Safe food handling is important at home, in the community, and in your business. Learn how to guard against allergen exposures and handle food safely to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Food Safety Publications
Give bacteria the cold shoulder. Find the Chill challenge, the chill solution and the cool rules in this brochure.
There has been a recent movement for homeowners to get involved in raising backyard poultry. Backyard poultry can offer families the opportunity to raise their own meat and eggs, as well as involvement in 4-H. This publication outlines the…
The goal of this publication is to help volunteers prepare and serve food safely for large groups such as family reunions, church dinners, and community gatherings — whether the food is prepared at the volunteer's home and brought to the…
This poster gives the guidelines for facility/equipment used in emergency mass feeding shelters.
Handling fruits and vegetables safely is easy. Although an invisible enemy may be in your kitchen, by practicing the recommendations here you can Fight BAC!
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