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celosia with red blooms
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Pink, purple, and white balsam in bloom

Balsam: A Forgotten Garden Treasure

Balsam is a charming annual flower with delicate blooms. Bees love it and so will you.
Monarch butterfly perched on a plant

How To Help Restore Monarch Butterflies in North Dakota

Gardeners can support the restoration of monarchs in North Dakota by growing milkweed.
Close up of a bee on a purple flower

Encouraging Bees To Visit Your Yard and Garden

Bees in North Dakota are threatened by economic development and mites. Learn how to promote bee activity in your yard.
Close up of ornamental grass tassels

Ornamental Grasses Are Perfect Perennials for North Dakota

The North Dakota climate and our soil are perfect for growing ornamental grasses.
Flowers Publications
This publication summarizes butterfly gardening including identification of butterflies, life cycle, how to plan a butterfly garden, planting a butterfly garden, flowers and host plants of caterpillars.
This publication describes the major factors of why are some pollinators in decline, such as habitat loss and pesticides. Four pollinators that are poorly known are discussed including the rusty patched bumble bee, the yellow-banded bumble…
North Dakotans can nourish pollinators by planting flowers that produce nectar and pollen. However, not all flowering perennials are equal. This publication discusses pollinator preferences for native species and ornamental cultivars of…
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