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Communication Arts

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4-H Communication Arts provides youth with opportunities to build skills and confidence in making public presentations. 4-H members are encouraged to give at least one public presentation each year. County 4-H programs (or group of cooperating counties) are encouraged to conduct a Communication Arts event in which all 4-H members can participate.

The 4-H Communication Arts program: 

  • help participants develop communication skills that are useful throughout a lifetime;
  • provide participants an opportunity to practice their skills before a group;
  • provide participants an opportunity to gather and organize information, equipment and props for public presentation;
  • develop participants' confidence in making public presentations; and
  • evaluate and enhance communication skills.

Age Divisions
The Communication Arts program is open to any youth involved in Extension youth programs.

  • Cloverbud: noncompetitive event for youth finishing or completed kindergarten through second grade (or 4-H age 5)
  • Junior division (youth finishing or completed third through sixth grade or 4-H age 8 to 12).
  • Senior division (youth finishing or completed seventh grade through their final year in 4-H or 4-H age 13 to 18).

Levels of Involvement
Club: All 4-H members are encouraged to give a public presentation at the club level.

County: Any youth can participate in the county or multi-county 4-H Communication Arts event.

District: Ten district events are held. Each district consists of the group of counties in the multi-county program units (MPUs). 

State: The State event will be held in July at the North Dakota State Fair for the first place Senior and Junior participants of each category in the District events.

Additional information on the 4-H Communication Arts program is available through your local extension office.

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