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Project Expo


Project Expo provides youth with an experience in planning, preparing and displaying an article or an educational exhibit. It is an opportunity for self-expression both verbally and visually. Project Expo also provides the opportunity to share with others what has been learned in the specific project.

Who May Enter
Any youth enrolled in 4-H, ages 8-12 on September 1 (Pre-teen) and ages 13-18 on September 1st (Teen).

Contact your local county NDSU Extension 4-H agent for registration forms.

What the Member Does
Select and research a topic or project directly related to a 4-H project in which you are currently enrolled. Prepare an exhibit for display from this project.

Some examples are:

  • Picture Perfect - Photography
  • Sew What's New - Clothing
  • Horse Sense - Horse
  • Get a Blast Out of Rockets - Aerospace
  • Get a Rise out of Bread - Foods and Nutrition
  • Pyramid Power - Foods and Nutrition

Dress Code
All members participating in North Dakota State 4-H competitive events except Clothing Revue will be neatly dressed and must wear a solid-colored white, yellow, gray or green shirt/blouse with the 4-H emblem prominently displayed and securely fastened on the front. The emblem can be sewn, silk-screened, fused or securely fastened using a Velcro-type fastener or spray adhesive. 4-H members should not wear short shorts or short skirts, or shorts/tops that are low-cut or allow the midriff to show or are sleeveless. Shirts should be of sufficient length to be tucked into the pants/skirts.

DISPLAY (40 percent)

  • Related to the 4-H project
  • Developed one main idea
  • Attracts and holds attention
  • Organization
  • Posters, illustrations and examples

KNOWLEDGE (20 percent)

  • Knowledge of subject emphasized in the exhibit


  • Workmanship
  • Originality and creativity
  • Concepts taught

EXHIBITOR (15 percent)

  • Appropriately dressed
  • Poise

Awards Schedule
County: Each county may conduct a Project Expo and select members to participate at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot. It is preferred (but not required) that the Pre-teen and Teen Divisions be equally represented. County awards are determined locally. 

State: All entries at the State Fair will be awarded a ribbon. Outstanding overall presentations in each division will be recognized with an Award of Excellence.


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