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Double Up Dakota Bucks


Double Up Dakota Bucks is a national model for healthy food incentives when SNAP purchases are matched, dollar-for-dollar to be used for fruits and vegetables. SNAP incentive programs are a win/win/win situation; families with limited resources are able to stretch their food dollars further through the month bringing home more food that is healthy, area farmers experience economic benefit with a wider customer base by reaching customers that they wouldn’t have otherwise, and more money circulates in the local economy instead of large scale department stores.

Double Up Bucks can be used at participating farmers markets and grocery stores:

  • BisMarket Farmers Market (Bismarck)
  • Capitol Farmers Market (Bismarck)
  • North Prairie Farmers
  • Red River Farmers Market (Fargo)
  • Rolette Farmers Market (Rolette)
  • Spirit Lake Mobile Market (Fort Totten)
  • Twin Towns Gardeners Market (Wahpeton)

NDSU Extension has partnered with SDSU Extension through the Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive matching grant program to implement incentive programs and provide technical assistance to farmers markets and grocery stores who accept SNAP.

Lena’s Fresh Farmers Market (Rolla) has been in operation for a number of years. In addition to this being the first year of accepting SNAP, they also offer a Double Up Dakota Buck program that provides a dollar-for-dollar match on all SNAP purchases, up to $10 per market. Repeat customers can benefit on a weekly basis. Double Up Dakota Bucks can only be used to purchase fruits, vegetables, herbs, and food-producing plants which improves access and encourages consumption of local fruits and vegetables.

Additional benefits go beyond the individual SNAP user:

  • Integration of federal nutrition and education programs
  • Support for long-term dietary improvements
  • Increases in farmer sales and profits
  • A gateway for beginning farmers
  • New direct and wholesale marketing opportunities
  • Enhances health equity and can minimize the effect of social determinants of health
  • Stimulates local economies
  • Demonstrates how public nutrition programs can address hunger, health, and local food systems
  • Links rural and urban communities in resilient economic growth

Programs vary amongst markets and stores, for specific information on how to use Double Up Dakota Bucks reach out to the individual retailer or market.