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South-Central/Southeast ND (09/23/21)


According to NDAWN, the region’s September 1-20 rainfall ranges from 0.8 inch (Zeeland) to 4.1 inches (Pillsbury), with the Carrington Research Extension Center (REC) receiving 1.7 inches. April 1-September 20 rainfall ranges from 6.9 inches (Cooperstown) to 16.3 inches (Wishek), with the Carrington REC receiving 8.1 inches.

Dry bean harvest continues; soybean harvest should be a general field activity this week; and corn is also in the harvest mix. Sunflower harvest also should soon be commencing. 

Results of a sunflower survey, conducted during the past week by NDSU Extension in 15 commercial fields in northern and western counties of the region, estimate seed yield ranging from 1175-2820 lb/A and averaging 1780 lb/A. The most common yield reducing factors were drought, bird feeding and reduced plant populations.


extension agents in field and variety trial photos.png

2021 REC small grain and field pea variety trial data are available at The Carrington REC will be harvesting soybean trials this week. Also, planting of winter cereal variety trials commenced last week at the Center.


Greg Endres

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center