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Southwest ND (09/23/21)


According to NDAWN from April 1st to September 19th Dickinson received 8.85 inches of rain, compared to normal total rainfall of 12.34 inches. Over the same period Beach received 6 inches of rain with a normal of 10.9, Bowman 7.34 with a normal of 10.77, Hettinger 9.51 with a normal of 12.32, and Mott received 13.14 with a normal of 11.61 (most of this came in heavy rainfall events in May and early June causing the strange effect of flooding and drought stress in the same field). Utilize soil sampling this fall to identify and manage any issues that can cause drought stress on plants, even in adequate rainfall years, such as salinity and acidity.

While conducting the National Sunflower Association sunflower survey we’ve seen a wide range in yields with drought a major yield limiting factor for most and weed control being highly variable. Some of the more common weeds seen in southwest ND sunflower fields this year are kochia, stinkgrass, green foxtail, tumble pigweed, and lanceleaf sage.

Ryan Buetow in sunflower field

Ryan Buetow

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center