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Two black cattle, a bull and heifer, stand in tall grass.


Get the latest information about backgrounding cattle from NDSU Extension specialists. These new videos for 2023 include Calf Health, Cattle Price Situation and Outlook, Economics of Backgrounding and Finishing Cattle in North Dakota, Weaning Considerations for Healthy Calves and Feeds, Alternative Feeds, and Cost of Gain.

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cow having ear tag scanned

BQA & Health

Information on Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) and beef cattle health in North Dakota.
Cow with calf stokka

Breeding & Genetics

Information about breeding beef cattle in North Dakota.
calves feeding in barn

Nutrition & Feeding

Information on general livestock nutrition and feeding issues.
cows in snowy pasture


Information about beef production in North Dakota
Beef Cattle Publications & Reports
Plane of nutrition in mature bulls fluctuates over the course of a year due to the demands of the breeding season and as a result of strategies implemented to regain weight and prepare for the subsequent breeding season. We developed a…
Corn residue is a useful feedstuff for beef cattle. Producers should consider incorporating these fee resources into their grazing and feeding programs to reduce the cost of production
The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between weather variables (ambient temperature, range of temperature, solar radiation, dew point and wind speed) and dry-matter intake (DMI). Weather variables interacted and…
Good winter management practices contribute to healthy and productive cattle, reasonable feed costs and humane care. This publication describes recommended management practices for beef cows during the winter.
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