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The War Against Weeds Podcast (05/26/22)


Many folks around the state are finally getting some tractor cab time in while spraying, planting, scouting, etc. For those who enjoy listening to podcasts, I am a co-host of one focused all about weeds and their control. The War Against Weeds is a podcast hosted by myself, along with my colleagues at Kansas State University (Sarah Lancaster), and the University of Missouri (Mandy Bish). We cover a diverse set of topics all related to weeds. Each episode typically has a guest host with expertise in that episode’s topic. I like to say that not every episode is for everyone, but there is an episode for everyone.

Episodes are typically about 30 minutes in length. We currently have three seasons (about 45 full length episodes) of content posted online ( The podcast can also be accessed using phone apps like iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. So, if you have some cab time and want to listen to some Weed Science topics, feel free to check it out.

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Joe Ikley

Extension Weed Specialist