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Center Points


Center Points is a weekly newsletter produced by the Carrington Research Extension Center.

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Urea treated with nitrogen stabilizer after five days on soil surface
Photo Credit:
Jasper Teboh

Considerations for Use of Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers

Many formulations of urea fertilizers or chemicals to treat urea are on the market today. Only a few are effective at protecting the fertilizer from quickly losing N.
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2022 Advanced Crop Advisers Workshop

North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension and University of Minnesota (U of M) Extension will conduct the annual Advanced Crop Advisers...
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Feedlot cattle standing in a snowy pen.
Photo Credit:
Colin Tobin

Cattle and Cold

As temperatures decline past the lower critical temperature, cattle nutrition requirements begin to rise.
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Trucks hauling livestock driving on a gravel road.
Photo Credit:
Mary Keena

Overwintered Cattle May Spread Weed Seeds

Producers who have relocated their cattle out of state for winter feeding this year should consider having a weed management protocol in place when the cattle return.
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Extending Mobile-Mapping Beyond Field-Level Collection

Extending the application of basic web-mapping technologies to pest field surveys or noxious weeds represents an easy management strategy with a low overhead cost, using many of the free or open source options available.
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Yield Impact of Seed-placed Nitrogen Fertilization of Wheat

ESN was the only slow release N fertilizer that showed no negative impact when applied with seeds, even at 90 lbs N.

Does Grain Sorghum Have a Place in North Dakota?

Sorghum can be grown in ND, but risk increases in northern locations.
Dry, drought-stressed corn plants exhibit curling and dead leaves with no ear production.
Photo Credit:
Karl Hoppe, NDSU

Beware of Nitrate Poisoning in Livestock

Non-harvested crops under consideration for forage should be analyzed for nitrates to prevent livestock losses.
A screen capture the data search in ArcGIS Online.

Using Web-based Mapping to Manage CREC Trials

A description of the process used at the Carrington REC to manage crop data using internet-based mapping.
Aerial view of the Carrington REC. Several buildings are surrounded by lines of tall trees. Green fields of drops are visible beyond the trees

CREC Field Day: Research for the Land and Its People (7/19/21)

The Carrington REC will host its annual Field Day on July 20, 2021.
red tractor in field with cover crops

Cover Crop Considerations for Dry Conditions

Cover crops can offer a number of benefits to a cropping system including increased biodiversity, crop/livestock integration, erosion control, or water management.
A large pile of corn silage beside a yellow, metal building. A stack of round hay bales and a line of large trees are visible on the other side of the pile.

Searching for Feeds During Drought

Suggestions for alternative feed sources during drought conditions.